TetraSOD® is an all-natural, microalgae-derived ingredient with the highest SOD activity on the market. It is obtained through a patented cultivation and purification mechanism. 

The high antioxidant capacity of TetraSod® makes it a transversal ingredient in all areas of health with variable dosages. 

TetraSOD® is the perfect partner for eye and joint health, weight control and fertility support, respiratory disease treatment, physical recovery, immune and cognitive health. 

All in all, it is the best ingredient to fight health problems related to oxidative stress. 

Curcumin is a powerful antioxidant that can neutralize free radicals due to its chemical structure. Additionally, animal and cell studies suggest that my curcumin may block the action of free radicals and may stimulate the action of other antioxidants. 

BioSolve™ is the only curcumin optimized with a food matrix and clinical studies proving its effectiveness. Its special composition avoids gastric arritants such as piperine, the main surfactants and other chemical additives, thus preserving superior bioavailability and immediate dispersibility. 

MitoHeal® is a blend of polyphenols from red currant and black currant, clinically proven to rejuvenate my skin, reduce my fine lines and wrinkles, improve facial dark spots and skin roughness.