sidemag magnesium

Sucrosomial® Magnesium the most bioavailable source of magnesium on the market, with excellent tolerance.


Thanks to its patented manufacturing process, our magnesium is encapsulated in a SUCROSOME which enables it to :

  • Passes through the acidic gastric environment unaltered, without irritating the intestinal mucosa.
  • Allow the active ingredient to be absorbed where it is most needed, improving paracellular, intracellular and M-cell functions.
  • Avoid interaction with other active ingredientsin the formula, which is very interesting if you wish to formulate probiotics.
  • Avoid undesirable side effectseven with high doses.
  • Mask the taste of the incorporated active ingredient.

The superior bioavailability of Sucrosomial magnesium has been clinically tested against magnesium citrate, pidolate and biglycinate, with remarkable results.

The Sucrosomal Technology an innovative technology developed by Alesco, is used to improve the absorption and tolerance of microelements, macroelements, phytoextracts and vitamins.