Formula developed to target hydration, bringing all benefits of Cyantine. Smooth texture for rapid absorption and daily use. We are able to change active levels and composition to get :
Anti-Wrinkles Cream ( dense texture, higher active content)
Daily Cream (adding a selected ingredient to fight free-radicals and boost anti-oxidant action)
Sensitive Skin Cream ( to use with irritable skin, atopic dermatitis, psoriasis etc)

MOQ 2000 x 50ml


Protects the nails with a thin protective film. Nourishes the nails and strengthens the structure of the keratin.
Makes the nails stronger. Boosts growth.

MOQ 5000 x 10ml


Healing balm able to create a protective film on the skin, this film protects the skin while allowing regeneration and cynatine activation. The product is thought for specific application on hands knuckles, knees, small cuts and crackings.

MOQ 1000 x 50ml


Formula developped for application on eye contour to reduce eye bags and provide lifting effect improving peripheral microcirculation.

MOQ 2000 x 100ml