Unique patented system

TetraSOD Advantages and Characteristic

Science Backed : Validated by preclinacal and clinical studies 

Very small dose : Higher potential for multiple applications 

Sustainable production

Clean Label and Vegan

Healthy Ageing : The most comprehensive ingredient

Gluten and GMO Free

Marine origin

The patented system for TetraSOD production from marine phytoplankton allow to obtain the most powerful antioxidant ingredient of natural origin on the international market. 

Marine phytoplankton can assure the highest antioxidant power in the market without the use of any chemical reaction/encapsulation or any extraction process. 

Moreover, the ingredient is self-protected. 

The natural microalgae’s cellular wall acts as a natural barrier to protect its activity from gastric degradation after oral ingestion, allowing full bioavailability in theintenstive. 

Thanks to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory action, SOD exerts preventive and corrective effects to control ROS-induced oxidative stress in almost all tissues. 

Incredibible versotile ingredient that can be used for multiple applications :

  • Beauty : Anti-aging / Acne reduction / UV-protection / Weight management 
  • Health : Inflammatory bowel disease / Respiratory diseases / Physical recovery / Cadiovascular disorder / Neurological disorder
  • Mobility : Joint Health / Weight management 
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