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Cynatin HNS® is a powder of soluble keratin produced from premium quality sheep wool through a unique patented process that preserves the native amino acid profile. The perfect solubility of Cynatine Makes it incredibly versatile for any galenic development. The molecular structure of Cynatin HNS® allows a high bioavailability by oral ingestion.

Cynatine strengthens, protects and repairs the skin, it reduces wrinkles, increases firmness and tone of the skin. It hydrates, softens and invigorates radiance and luminosity.

TetraSOD® is an ingredient derived from microalgae, completely natural, with theSOD activity the higher of the market. It is obtained through a patented culture and purification mechanism.

TetraSOD® is an incredibly versatile and scientifically proven marine ingredient to reduce and prevent the oxidative stress (hair and skin health, joint health, gut health, physical recovery, athletic performance, stress and fatigue, fertility, etc.)

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MitoHeal® is a blend of red currant and black currant polyphenols, clinically proven to rejuvenate the skin, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, improve facial dark spots and skin roughness.



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