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Cynatine® FLX is a powder of soluble keratin produced from premium sheep's wool through a unique patented process that preserves the native amino acid profile.

The perfect solubility of Cynatine makes it incredibly versatile for any galenic development.  

Cynatine® FLX is clinically proven effective for the significant reduction of joint inflammations, promoting glutathione synthesis, and to stimulate cartilage regeneration. Cynatine® FLX protects the joints and improves the comfort of daily life by preserving the flexibility and the mobility.

TetraSOD ® is a unique marine ingredient, produced with a culture and purification mechanism resulting from a patent worldwide patented.

Indeed, TetraSOD® improves the healthé joints and help physical recovery. 

In addition, it is suitable for preventive and therapeutic formulations related to health problems such as stress, physical recovery, fatigue, etc.


BioSOLVE Curcumin ™ improves joint pain and swelling.
This ingredient helps soothe joint stiffness and facilitates daily physical activity.

Known for its anti-inflammatory properties, turmeric is now recognized as the number one herb for healthy aging.

BioSolve is the only curcumin optimized with a food matrix and clinical studies to prove its effectiveness.

Its special composition avoids gastric irritants like piperine, main surfactants and other chemical additives, preserving superior bioavailability and immediate dispersibility.

Your concepts

Your concepts

Regeneration of cartilage