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Our ingredients

The Melatine® is a hydrolyzate of keratin naturally rich in melaline, responsible for hair pigmentation.

Our knowledge of the mechanisms of melanocyte biogenesis has enabled us to develop Melatine® : a peptide complex of bio-assimilable and bioactive melanin keratin fighting against canities. Melatine® is clinically proven to recolor salt-and-pepper hair by giving it back its natural glow.

Cynatin HNS® is a powder of keratin soluble produced from premium sheep's wool through a unique patented process that preserves the native amino acid profile. The perfect solubility of Cynatine makes it incredibly versatile for everything galenic development.

The molecular structure of Cynatin HNS® allows a high bioavailability by oral ingestion, this ingredient contributes to improve the health and vitality hair, skin and nails.

cheveux et ongles

Mix of polyphenols of red currant and black currant, clinically proven to be effective at a certain dose per day to promote healthy hair/skin/nails, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, improve dark spots on the face face, improve skin roughness.

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