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Analysis of global nutrition trends shows that more attention is being paid to the role of postbiotics, terms used to describe the metabolites produced by probiotic bacteria and the parts of their cells that provide health benefits.

In other words, postbiotics are byproducts of the fermentation process performed by probiotics in the gut.

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Thanks to its vertical structure and its own research and development department, which has extensive experience in microecology, biotechnology, nutrition and pharmacology, the KRAFT group has been able to develop a complete food fermentate, with multiple benefits to the human body, which can meet the growing demand for postbiotic ingredients.

MetabiotiX Postbiotic is a whole food fermentate, made from B. Subtilis, that goes through a trade secret fermentation and drying process.

This fermentation process produces a unique fingerprint of metabolites including bacteriocins, peptides, enzymes, short chain fatty acids, polysaccharides, lactic acid, amino acids and other nutrients.

The benefits of MetabiotiX

  • no living cells
  • not exposed to the aggressive environment of the digestive tract
  • stable and normal storage condition
  • active immediately
  • can be used with antibiotics
  • no side effects
  • mixes easily with other ingredients
  • low dosage: 5-10mg/day
  • Suitable for solid and liquid formulas
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4 clinical studies and 2 cell studies have proven the effectiveness of MetabiotiX against intestinal problems, it acts as an anti-inflammatory on the stomach and intestinal epithelium, on the normalization of the skin, oral and vaginal flora.


MetabiotiX is able to go beyond the limitations and instabilities of most probiotics, while ensuring safety and efficacy. 


Freeze-dried probiotics

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  • Acts immediately
  • Metabolites are already active
  • Resistant to hydrochloric acid in the stomach
metabiotix probiotique postbiotiques prebiotique fournisseur de matière première
  • Must go through several steps, before active metabolites are produced
MetabiotiX® VS Probiotics
  • precise chemical structure, good dosage, high degree of safety
  • do not require refrigerated storage
  • superior bioavailability, reach the gut intact
  • do not enter into an antagonistic relationship with the human microbiota
  • act immediately, they are ready-to-use metabolites.
  • can be used from the first day of taking antibiotics.
  • there is no risk of transmission of antibiotic resistance
  • have a wide variety of effects: enzymatic activity, pathogen antagonist and ammunomodulatory
  • low initial cell count in product
  • inactivation of live probiotics upon improper storage
  • inactivation of microorganisms in the gastrointestinal tract
  • for the effect to occur, the bacteria must adapt in the intestinal lumen and begin to produce active metabolites (8-10 hours).
  • inability of microorganisms to colonize the intestinal tract and stay there for a long time
  • probiotics do not reproduce the full diversity of normal intestinal microflora
  • risk of transfer of antibiotic resistance genes
  • some patients may come into conflict with their own microbiota.