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cynatine top hair kératine keratine keratin cosmétiques lc ingredients fournisseur de matière première shamoing shampoo shamppoing hair care soin capillaire

Cynatine® is a hydrolyzed keratin for cosmetic use, COSMOS certified.

This ingredient is clinically tested effective with dosages starting at 0.5% to significantly reduce the hair loss, improve the shine and theshine, strengthen the structure and protein content hair.

algues micro algues cosmetiques lc ingredients cheveux et barbe pousse et croissance

Mix of 5 seaweed, this ingredient is able to block or decrease inflammation, regenerate damaged tissues and improve the health and beauty of healthy tissues. EasyAlgae® is clinically proven effective for its activity moisturizing and antioxidant.

In addition, Easy Algae® has numerous cosmetic properties.

Indeed it is a protective natural, moisturizing, and it is a booster ofantioxidants. 

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