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melaline top topigue cosmétique cosmétique lc ingredients fournisseur de kératine keratine vegan formules produits finis bronzage bronzée bronzer

Melaline® TOP is a dark keratin hydrolysed for cosmetic use, certified COSMOS.

Indeed it is a natural anti-aging tanning shield.
Melanin penetrates the epidermis providing short and long term protection (increases melanin content in the skin and stimulates melanogenesis after exposure to UV rays).

Melaline allows a long-lasting setting protecting against inflammation and oxidation processes. 

Melaline® TOP is a shield anti-aging tanner natural. It has many virtues such as an action antioxidant but also an effect anti-inflammatory during exposure to UV rays.

In addition, she improved and gorgeous considerably the Sun tanning.

easy algae micro algues cosmétiques lc ingredients

EasyAlgae® is a mixture of 5 seaweed, obtained through a patented process and specific conditions, able to regulate more than 10 different metabolic processes in the skin.

Indeed, EasyAlgae® is clinically tested for its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, moisturizing, healing, cell regenerating activity.

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