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Article - La Provence newspaper

La Provence devotes an article to Kerat'Innov and explains how the SME from Ciotadenne has become the world's largest manufacturer of bioactive soluble keratin for the food supplement industry. Find the full article here

Report TV5Monde Kerat'Innov

The film crew of the Tendance XXI program on the TV5Monde television channel was interested in our work. Discover an explanatory report, hosted by Viviane Blassel on the origin and manufacturing processes of our keratin. Kerat'Innov is a company based in La Ciotat in the South of France producing keratin hydrolysates with…
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The New Obs

Le Nouvel Obs, a French news magazine, has dedicated a very comprehensive article to Kerat'Innov. Indeed, it highlights the strengths of the company, such as the 20 years of experience of the Roxlor group in the field of health, ethics and seriousness of the company, the mastery and innovation of processes as well as ...
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