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Turmeric (Curcuma longa L.) has been used in India for over 5000 years as a spice and herbal remedy in traditional Ayurvedic medicine. Well known for its anti-inflammatory properties, turmeric is now recognized as the number 1 herb for healthy aging. However, its low bioavailability (quantity of actives reaching the bloodstream) in curcuminoids decreases its effectiveness and its low solubility limits its application (often limited to capsules and tablets), which is why a high intake (~1500mg) of standard turmeric extract has proven to be effective.


The optimized curcumin of Biosolve has overcome all these issues with a unique formulation that preserves the original natural composition of turmeric, it offers increased bioavailability and efficacy at just 500mg/day without compromising the purity and quality of its food matrix.

Zeus Hygia is able to encapsulate water insoluble actives in a food grade water soluble polysaccharide matrix (modified starch) after a spray drying process.


The food matrix of this ingredient makes it perfect for any application in the field of dietary supplements. Improved solubility allows inclusion in powders, bars, hot/cold beverages, ice cream, dairy products.

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Biosolve is 8 times (AUC) more bioavailable than standard curcumin at 95 % while avoiding all nasty synthetic ingredients, emulsifying agents, surfactants and stomach irritants like black pepper.

This hydrophilic carrier-based encapsulation system has unique properties that release the bioactive molecules as uniform, finer particles with a larger surface area in the digestive tract. Increased aqueous solubility and improved dissolution properties in intestinal fluids promote better absorption of Biosolve Curcumin through the intestinal wall.


Without piperine

GMO free

No adverse effects

Reliable and efficient

Without irritants

Without lecithin

all natural


Increased health benefits over a period of 30, 60 and 90 days.

Clinical and preclinical studies show a reduction in pain and stiffness while improving mobility and physical function, with no adverse effects.

30 days :

  • 25% Pain Reduction (VAS) Visual Analogue Scale a validated subjective measure of acute and chronic pain.
  • WOMAC index: pain statistically different and decreasing after 30 days and continuing until 90 days.


60 days:

  • 42% pain reduction (EVA)
  • ACR20 criterion: 20% improvement in the physical function index
  • WOMAC index shows significant improvement of 23%


90 days:

  • 75% pain reduction (EVA)
  • ACR20 criterion: the physical function index improved by 36%
  • WOMAC index shows significant progress of 57%

Patent pending

Clinically validated

Unique single ingredient technology

Minimum daily doses

Rapid dispersion in water

Natural quality