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L'Ashwagandha – Whitania somnifera – is a major plant in Ayurveda, widely used in traditional Indian medicine for a multitude of reasons, including its nootropic effects promoting cognitive health.

L'Ashwagandha is one of the few plants to have significant effects on the psychological and physiological aspects of human functioning. It can help normalize cortisol levels, reducing the stress response. 

Furthermore, theAshwagandha has also been linked to reduced inflammation, improved memory, improved immune function, energy production, reproductive health, and anti-aging properties.

Ayurvedic experts and international research point to the synergistic effect of this diverse set of active constituents as the source of the multiple therapeutic properties ofAshwagandha.

NooGandha® is a new and unique way to experience theashwagandha, as it is developed to highlight its specific compounds with bioactivities that impact nootropic and cognitive benefits.

In addition to its nootropic and cognitive performance benefits, NooGandha® retains powerful anti-stess/cortisol benefits. Indeed, it supports stress, but without the sedative effects common to others ashwagandhas

It can be taken at any time of the day and goes perfectly with coffee. NooGandha® is improves all your daily activities.

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Results of the clinical study:

NooGandha® improves:

  • cognitive flexibility
  • visual memory
  • reaction time
  • psychomotor speed
  • executive functioning
  • cortisol level

NooGandha® reduced:

  • the stress 
  • anxiety
  • symptoms of depression
  • appetite

Key factors:

  • Small and effective dosage 225-400 mg/day
  • Clean composition, no excipients
  • Single formula delivering 10% of withanolides
  • 2 double-blind studies with placebo carried out
  • Proprietary extraction and processing technologies
  • Available in pure, liposomal and organic version
noogandha ashwangandha lc ingredient sfournisseur de matière première compléments alimentaire ingrédients concentration mémoire


  • In nootropic formulas, where theAshwangandha is a substance that improves cognitive performance, memory and facilitates learning.


  • In adaptogenic formulas, in which theAshwagandha, in times of increased stress, normalizes the body's physiological process and helps it to adapt to change and cope with stress.


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ashwagandha noogandha lc ingredients ingrédients fournisseur de matière première compléments alimentaires cosmétique concentration santé cognitive mémoire

About the manufacturer

Specnova is a biotechnology company comprised of a global ecosystem of innovators, scientists, formulators and industry experts who are passionate about discovering and developing extraordinary ingredients found in nature to enhance, protect and restore human health and performance.