The New Obs

The New Obs

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The New Obs, French news magazine, dedicated a very exhaustive article on Kerat'Innov. Indeed, it highlights the strengths of society, such as 20 years of Roxlor Group experience in the field of health, the ethics and seriousness of the company, the mastery and process innovation and quality of ingredients.

The ingredients are obtained thanks to raw materials selected for their novel properties, and the unique and patented manufacturing process preserves the native amino acid profile.

This makes it possible to have several action spectra ranging from joint comfort at improving the vitality of the integuments and the epidermis, going through the pigmentation of the epidermis and hair.

In addition, all ingredients produced by Kerat'Innov are supported by several clinical studies in their specific area of action they are also soluble and 96% bioavailable.

Kerat'Innov has the ISO 9001 v2015 standard and produced in France (OFG label) from sheep wool free and not abused.

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