Our ingredients for cognitive health and performance

New generation Ashwagandha, standardized with a min. 3.5% from withanolides, is clinically proven effective for cognitive health. The product is standardized in specific whitanolides which do not provide the physical sedative sensation of other ashwagandha.

The product allows an effective dosage among the lowest on the market, with only 225mg/day. 

The ingredient shows beneficial effects on cognitive flexibility, visual memory, reaction time, psychomotor speed, executive functioning. 

This ingredient also helps support cortisol levels, reduce perceived stress, anxiety, symptoms of depression and food cravings. 

The many availabilities (pure, liposome or ORGANIC) promote all possible applications. 

AlphaFen®: patented fenugreek seed extract, capable of administering 4/10 times the amount of bioactive (sapogenis and saponins). 

AlphaFen® has been clinically proven effective in improving sexual health, reducing anxiety and improving sleep quality with a small dose of 400mg/day. 

AfphaFen® offers superior benefits, lower dosage, improved bioavailability and solubility.